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After almost ten years as BosBoon SchadeService, it’s time to stand on our own two feet. And that means a new name and website: SilverPulse TPA Services, www.silverpulse.nl. Our business and personal connections with our sister company BosBoon Expertise remain intact.

SilverPulse is always involved in handling damages for parties such as contractors, (semi)government and insurers. As before, SilverPulse specialises in handling loss claims for parties such as contractors, government and quasi-government entities, and insurers. In addition to this core activity, SilverPulse also provides claim helpdesks at large construction projects, rehabilitation coaching for challenging personal injury losses, and mediation in deadlocked disputes.

Because we are part of the BosBoon family, we have the advantage of 24/7 access and a flexible team so that we can scale up quickly when needed. Throughout Europe, we have earned our spurs and can rely on a solid international network.

If legal steps need to be taken in a claim file, we can take care of most of that in-house For subdistrict cases, we do everything ourselves including summons and pleas. For cases heard in higher courts, we draw up all documents and a lawyer from our network provides the court pleas. This strategy leads to a great savings in legal costs as well as greater success.

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SilverPulse TPA Services has offices in Eindhoven and Amsterdam and a worldwide network for international cases. In addition to the underwriting knowledge, our experts have gained extensive experience in their own specific field of work. In short, experienced experts from the daily practice of the business community.

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