Claims Helpdesk

A claims helpdesk is a central point where claims for loss or damage can be handled and incidents reported and processed by telephone. Usually it is connected to an area and a local CAR policy. However, a helpdesk can also be used for other purposes, such as in processes where information and/or complaint handling is needed.

Advantages include:

  • Single contact point
  • Central role for an area
  • Clarity for registered parties and surroundings
  • Record-keeping and monitoring notifications
  • Preliminary surveys and vibration readings in the interest of prevention and documentation
  • 1 CAR policy for constructing parties so that, in case of damage/loss, it is clear where a claim can be submitted

Finally, it is also possible to set up a helpdesk for nuisance compensation. This is separate from the concept of loss, and can actually be regarded as a prevention measure for the surrounding area. We have extensive experience with such projects for the city centre of Utrecht.

Contact persons

Ilona Lintsen | Herman van Velsen

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